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Allow me to introduce myself: I am Christian Villar—an entrepreneur, athlete, and consultant.


As a consultant my primary objective is to assist individuals, athletes, and entrepreneurs in transforming their visions and passions into thriving businesses, nonprofit organizations, and strong brands.


My ability to achieve this stems from my "Winning Where It Matters" consulting philosophy and mindset, which I have cultivated over 15 years through education, professional experience, and my own entrepreneurial journey.


Passion drives me in all that I do. I pride myself on being one of the best in my field. The same level of passion and commitment that I bring to my own businesses and brands is extended to my valued clients. As a private consultant, I deliberately limit the number of projects I undertake. While I regularly travel between the United States and Dubai, UAE throughout the year, I am always available for both in-person and virtual consultations.


To me, the true currency in life consists of time, health, and family. I firmly uphold the importance of these aspects and refuse to compromise on any of them.


Thank you for considering my services. I look forward to the opportunity of working together.


Best regards,

Christian Villar




christian villar - dubai


As a seasoned consultant, my role is to thoroughly assess client needs, carefully analyze them, and formulate practical and effective solutions that yield desired outcomes. Whether working collaboratively or independently, I specialize in providing comprehensive consulting services to both corporate and nonprofit sectors

Business & Nonprofit Startups

When it comes to launching your business or nonprofit venture, I offer expert guidance and support. I will assist you in making informed decisions regarding the choice between establishing a for-profit business or a nonprofit organization, taking into account your unique vision and passion. I will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the distinctions, advantages, legal requirements, and necessary resources associated with each option, aligning them with your specific goals.


Once you have made a decision to pursue either a for-profit business or a nonprofit organization, you can rely on me to handle the entire process. From facilitating legal incorporation to developing a robust online presence through social media platforms, I will work diligently to transform your venture into a distinct and compelling brand.

​For Nonprofits: I process 501(c)3 Tax-Exemption Applications (100% approval rate)

  • Standard form 1023

  • Short form 1023-EZ

  • Tax exemption reinstatement ​


Business Mentor


Christian Villar and Joe Foster in Dubai.

live and breathe the teachings I impart, driven by an unyielding determination to accomplish everything I set my mind to. In the footsteps of my dear friend Joe Foster, the visionary Founder of Reebok, I have embarked on an extraordinary journey of my own. I have founded my own independent apparel and footwear company, known as The Pros Brand​. It is a venture fueled by passion, creativity, and an unwavering belief in the power of pursuing one's dreams.  Joe Foster is also my business partner.

But my aspirations extend beyond entrepreneurship. As the founder and owner of NBXL, the first ever USA-Middle East based independent professional basketball league, I am steadfast in my resolve to transform it into one of the most revered leagues worldwide. It is a pursuit that ignites a fire within me, pushing me to reach new heights of excellence.  Joe Foster is also co-owner of an NBXL leagued owned team and member of the NBXL advisory board.


I want my journey to serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of chasing dreams, never wavering in the face of adversity. Each step I take is infused with passion, purpose, and an unwavering commitment to make a positive impact. I am humbled and honored to walk in the footsteps of Joe Foster, a visionary leader who has inspired countless individuals to believe in their own potential.


Together, let us embark on a journey of growth, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Let us inspire others to embrace their dreams, overcome obstacles, and create a world where greatness knows no bounds. With every breath I take, I am driven to push the boundaries of what I can achieve and make a meaningful difference. - Christian Villar, MPA

Entrepreneurship mentorship is a transformative relationship where a seasoned and accomplished entrepreneur lends their expertise to nurture, educate, and prepare emerging entrepreneurs for the inevitable hurdles they may face.


An entrepreneur is an individual who dares to embark on their own business venture, leveraging their own ideas, products, or acquired assets, while assuming a significant portion of the associated risks and reaping the majority of the rewards.


The path of an entrepreneur is far from easy, and without the right guidance, it can become even more arduous. As you embark on this journey, you may encounter moments of solitude and uncertainty. Once you launch your business, there is no superior to turn to for immediate advice or direction. You become the captain of your own ship, responsible for charting the course, even without a crew. 


Drawing from my personal experience as an entrepreneur, I understand the demands and intricacies of this role. As your mentor, I am committed to sharing my knowledge, skills, and extensive experience to assist you in becoming the best possible entrepreneur. Everyone requires a dependable confidant, a trusted source of guidance, and someone who truly comprehends and speaks their language, particularly when faced with challenging circumstances (which are bound to arise at some point). When those moments arise, I aspire to be there to provide the support you need or to have already equipped you with the tools to confront and overcome them.

Entrepreneurship mentorship is an invaluable asset on your journey to success, offering a reliable source of wisdom, an alternate perspective, and a steadfast companion who understands the unique challenges you may encounter. 

founder and owner



Personal Development Mentorship

While I recognize that not everyone is inclined towards business or entrepreneurship, I firmly believe that personal development and growth are essential for everyone. Mentoring individuals in achieving their personal goals and guiding them through their unique journeys is one of my greatest passions.


In today's society, there is a pervasive tendency to impose external definitions of success upon individuals. However, it is crucial not to get caught up in the idea that titles, socioeconomic status, degrees, or positions should determine our worth or dictate our personal interpretation of success. Your journey is unique, and only you possess the insight into what truly matters to you and how far you have come to reach where you are today. Together, we can craft a plan to propel you towards your desired destination.


We all have talents, passions, and dreams, yet far too often, we relegate them to the sidelines or put them on hold while we work tirelessly for someone else who is actively pursuing their own aspirations. Remember, your network plays a pivotal role in your growth and success. Surround yourself with individuals who uplift, inspire, and align with your values. Your network truly is your net worth.


It is perfectly acceptable to work for others, but it is equally important to devote time and energy to work on yourself and what truly matters to you. Drawing upon my social and behavioral science as well as psychology degrees, combined with my personal experiences and those of my clients, I am equipped to provide guidance and support to help you flourish.


Together, let us embark on a transformative journey of personal development, where your dreams take center stage. Your potential knows no bounds, and with the right mindset and support, you can achieve remarkable growth and fulfillment.

christian villar
Personal Development

NIL & Athlete Branding

In the world of sports, athletes embody much more than their athletic abilities. The question is: Do you, as an athlete, recognize the full extent of your potential?

Athletes are more than just individuals competing in a game. They embody stories of passion, determination, and incredible potential. And I want you to recognize the depth of your own story as an athlete.


As a professional basketball player turned entrepreneur, CEO, founder, and owner of various businesses, including the esteemed NBXL the first ever USA-Middle East professional basketball league.  I understand the multifaceted nature of being an athlete. I have personally witnessed the transformative power of embracing diverse roles and ventures.


For high school and college athletes, the recent NIL (Name, Likeness, Image) NCAA ruling has opened up new opportunities. Now, you have the chance to profit from your unique identity, beyond the confines of the game. I am here to guide you in creating your own brand, so you no longer have to wait for endorsement deals to come knocking. Together, we will craft a compelling brand presence, ensuring you are positioned for success both during your playing years and well into the future.


Professional athletes, this applies to you as well. I am dedicated to helping you build or enhance your personal brand, allowing you to navigate endorsement deals with ownership and creative control. By doing so, you preserve the integrity of your brand, even after partnerships come to an end. I believe in empowering you to leverage your brand long after your playing career concludes, ensuring lasting benefits and opportunities.


Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery and brand development, where your unique story takes center stage. I am here to listen, guide, and support you as we uncover the essence of your personal brand. Together, we will unveil the authentic narrative that sets you apart, positioning you for a fulfilling and impactful future.


Investing in your brand is an investment in yourself. Let us celebrate the legacy you are building and the countless lives you will touch through your athletic journey and beyond. Embrace your story, unleash your potential, and let your brand shine as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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persona branding


Personal branding is a powerful strategy that revolves around building a distinct brand identity centered around an individual, rather than a business entity. You may have come across the quote, "Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you make others feel after having an experience with you becomes your trademark" by Jay Danzie. While it captures the essence of personal branding, it leaves one crucial aspect unresolved – the fact that your brand should be defined by you, not solely by others' perceptions.


With my personalized personal branding services, I empower you to take control of your brand identity, anchored in your unique qualities, identity, personality, and skill sets. We go beyond external interpretations to establish a brand that reflects your true essence, remaining consistent regardless of how others perceive you. By crafting a comprehensive brand strategy, complete with a logo, online presence, and a compelling social media profile, combined with your services, expertise, and experience, you claim authority and influence over your brand.


Over the years, I have successfully created impactful brands for a diverse range of professionals, including pastors, coaches, speakers, trainers, artists, consultants, mentors, entrepreneurs, advisors, podcasters, doctors, and current/former athletes. Now, I invite you to embark on this transformative journey and discover the immense potential that lies within your unique personal brand.

Take the next step, seize this opportunity, and let your personal brand flourish. Together, we will unleash your true voice, create a brand that resonates deeply with your audience, and position you as an exceptional and influential figure in your field. Trust in the power of authenticity and let your heartfelt personal brand radiate, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those you encounter.

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