Please allow me to introduce myself. I am, Christian Villar, an entrepreneur & consultant.  


In Short..... 

I listen, I analyze, and I deliver!  

I then empower, inspire, and educate individuals, athletes, and entrepreneurs with  knowledge of how to start or strengthen their brand, business, and/or nonprofits. 

I'm able to do this because I developed a "Winning Where It Matters" consulting philosophy and mindset that I have acquired over 15 years through education, professional experience, and my own entrepreneurial journey.

I love what I do, do what I love, and I am one of the best at what I do. The passion and commitment I apply to my own businesses and brands are the same I apply to my clients.  As a private consultant, I only take on limited number of projects.  I travel back-and-forth between United States and Dubai, UAE  year round but I am always available in person or via virtual consultations.

My real currency in life is time, health, and family. I don't compromise any of those.  






An entrepreneur is an individual who takes the risk to start their own business based on an idea they have or a product they have created while assuming most of the risk and reaping most of the reward of the business.  If you are an aspiring or current entrepreneur contact me to assist you with bring your idea to life, or improve an existing one while making sure you become solely independent of all. It's time you take control and ownership to create generational wealth.


As an entrepreneur I know first hand what it takes to be one. However my winning where it matters philosophy allows me to assist with you getting specific results beyond your entrepreneurship development, so you can focus on the success of your brand, product, and/or company.


"I live what I teach and am on my own journey to continue accomplishing everything I set my mind too. I am following in the foot steps of my friend Joe Foster, Founder of Rebook, and Farruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini. Just like Joe I have created my own independent apparel and  footwear company called The Pros Brand. As the founder and owner of the NBXL, a professional basketball league in Dubai, I am determined to make it into one of the best leagues in the world. Just as Farruccio once did with the creation of Lamborghini to take on Ferrari at the time. Joe Foster is the NBXL's Advisory Board Chairman." - Christian Villar, MPA


Christian Villar and Joe Foster in Dubai.

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understand that business or entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but I do know that personal development and growth is.  One of my passions is mentoring others on achieving their goals and assisting them on navigating through their journey.

We are living in a society and world that wants to define what success is for you.  Don't get caught up in the idea that a title, social economic status, degree, or position define your worth or interpretation of what success means to you.  You are in your own unique journey and only you know what matters to you and how far you have come to be where you are.  


We all have talents, passions, and dreams but too often put them on a shelf or put them on hold to work for someone else that is working on theirs.  YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!! 

It's OK to work for someone else but don't forget to work on YOU and what matters to YOU. 

I will help you analyze where you come from, where you are, and how to get to where you want to go. My social and behavioral and psychology degrees combined with my personal and other clients life experiences have allowed me to help my clients time and time again. 

christian villar
christian villar - dubai


I provide advice, experience, and expertise in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.  

Business & Nonprofit 

  • ​​​​Branding 

  • Business planning

  • Name look up/reservation

  • Articles of incorporation & Amendments 

  • State/Federal Tax Registration

  • Annual Report Filings

  • EIN # (Employer Identification Number)

  • Dissolutions 

  • Register/Change of Agent

  • Business Reinstatement

  • Amendment/changes to any legal document with the State/IRS

501(c)3 Tax-Exemption Applications

    *(100% approval rate)

  • Standard form 1023

  • Short form 1023-EZ

  • Tax exemption reinstatement 

As a consultant, I will examine the needs of the clients, dissect the needs and create manageable solutions for desired results.


We all know that pro athletes are more than just athletes. The question is, DO YOU AS AN ATHLETE KNOW THIS? I personally know this because besides being  a professional basketball player I became an entrepreneur, ceo, founder, and owner of multiple businesses including the NBXL  - a professional basketball league in Dubai.  


Let me help you do the same so you can take control and ownership of your brand and capitalize beyond your sport by also starting your own brand, business, and/or nonprofits foundations.


If you are an aspiring professional athlete I am also here to help you acquire the mindset to become a pro.

Christian Villar and Felipe Lopez

Professional Athlete’s brand, business and/or Foundations Formation

Branding & Marketing (Personal, Business and/or Foundation)

Athlete Consultation (current, former, or aspiring pros)

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