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Public Administration & Nonprofit Management 
Seton Hall University

Bachelor of Arts
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Psychology & Business Administration
Seton Hall University

Christian Villar is an entrepreneur, athlete, and a consultant for over 18 years in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.  He is also the creator of the" Winning Where It Matters" mentality, mindset, and lifestyle philosophy.

The work ethic, passion, and level of professionalism he applies to his own companies/brands is the same he applies to each of his individual clients and projects.  He is in the business of changing lives, building legacies, and establishing relationships.


Villar is the founder and sole owner of the NJ-Pros basketball team, Villar Consulting, LLC, The Pros Brand, and NBXL.a

Villar Consulting, a private independent consulting practice established in 2006 specializing in providing consulting services to both nonprofits and small businesses, assisting individuals start and/or incorporate nonprofits and small businesses; and obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exemption status for nonprofits from the IRS. As well as assisting professional athletes in contract negotiations, obtaining endorsement deals, and starting their own nonprofit foundations and businesses.


The Pros Brand, an independent footwear and apparel company.  The Pros Brand also organizes and conducts youth, high school, college and pro sport competitions and athletic events for profit and charitable benefits locally, nationally, and internationally to spread diversity, cultural awareness, and peace among fans, nations, and cultures.

The NJ-Pros is an independent professional basketball team composed of players with NBA, NBA G League, and International professional playing experience established in 2009 after Villar returned from playing pro basketball overseas. The team is also the NBXL's first franchise team in which Villar is also a player.

The NBXL is the first ever USA-Middle East based independent professional basketball league, operating as a domestic/international league in single season, featuring elite players from around the world. 

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