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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am, Christian Villar an entrepreneur, athlete, and consultant.


As a consultant..... 

I listen, I analyze, and I deliver!  

I help individuals, athletes, and entrepreneurs turn their visions and passions into businesses, nonprofits, and brands.


I’m able to do this because I developed a “Winning Where It Matters” consulting philosophy and mindset that I have acquire over 15 years through education, professional experience, and my own entrepreneurial journey.


I love what I do, do what I love, and I am one of the best at what I do. The Passion and commitment I apply to my own businesses and brands are the same I apply to my clients.  As a private consultant, I only take on a limited number of projects.  I travel back-and-forth between United State and Dubai, UAE year round but I am always available in person or via virtual consultations.


My real currency in life is time, health, and family.  I don’t compromise any of those.




christian villar - dubai


As a consultant, I will examine the needs of the clients, dissect the needs and create manageable solutions for desired results, by either doing the work with you or for you,  in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Business & Nonprofit Startups

I help and guide you on choosing between starting a for profit business or nonprofit organization  based on your vision and passion.  I make sure you understand the differences, benefits, requirements, and resources needed for each in accordance to your vision and passion.

Upon you deciding on starting a for profit business or nonprofit organization I will handle the rest.  From legal incorporation, developing a social media  and  online presence, to coverting it into a brand.

​For Nonprofits: I process 501(c)3 Tax-Exemption Applications (100% approval rate)

  • Standard form 1023

  • Short form 1023-EZ

  • Tax exemption reinstatement ​​


Business Mentor

check out my entrepreneurship journey




Entrepreneurship mentorship is a relationship in which an experienced and established entrepreneur supports, teaches, and prepares novice entrepreneurs for potential business challenges.


An entrepreneur is an individual who takes the risk to start their own business based on an idea they have or a product they have created or acquired while assuming most of the risk and reaping most of the reward of the business.


Being an entrepreneur is not easy but not having the right person by your side can make it even more difficult. Your journey as an entrepreneur is one that feels lonely and uncertain at times. Once you launch your business there is no boss to turn to for advice or direction.  Simply put you are the BOSS, and you may not even have any employees yet. 


As entrepreneur, I know firsthand what it takes to be one. As a mentor I’ll share my knowledge, skills, and experience to help you develop into the best entrepreneur you can be. Everyone needs a reliable person, a second opinion, and most importantly that understand and speaks your language when times get tough (which at some point they will).  When that happens, I hope I can be there to help you or have prepared you to face it when that time comes.

"I live what I teach and am on my own journey to continue accomplishing everything I set my mind too. I am following in the foot steps of my friend Joe Foster, Founder of Rebook. Just like Joe I have created my own independent apparel and  footwear company called The Pros Brand. As the founder and owner of the NBXL, a professional basketball league in Dubai, I am determined to make it into one of the best leagues in the world.  Joe Foster is the NBXL's Advisory Board Chairman." - Christian Villar, MPA


Christian Villar and Joe Foster in Dubai.

Personal Development Mentorship

I understand that business or entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but I do know that personal development and growth is.  One of my passions is mentoring others on achieving their personal goals and assisting them on navigating through their journey.

We are living in a society and world that wants to define what success is for you.  Don't get caught up in the idea that a title, social economic status, degree, or position define your worth or interpretation of what success means to you.  You are in your own unique journey and only you know what matters to you and how far you have come to be where you are.  Together we can work on a plan to get you to where you want to be.


We all have talents, passions, and dreams but too often put them on a shelf or put them on hold to work for someone else that is working on theirs.  YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!! 

It's OK to work for someone else but don't forget to work on YOU and what matters to YOU. 

My social and behavioral science and psychology degrees combined with my personal and other clients’ life experiences have allowed me to help my clients time and time again.

christian villar
Personal Development

NIL & Athlete Branding

We all know that athletes are more than just athletes. The question is, DO YOU AS AN ATHLETE KNOW THIS?

I personally know this because besides being a pro basketball player I became an entrepreneur, ceo, founder, and owner of multiple businesses including the NBXL  - a professional basketball league in Dubai.  


High School & College Athletes NIL:

Thanks to the new NIL (Name, Likeness, Image) NCAA ruling now high school and college athletes can profit off their name, likeness, and image.  I work with high school and college athletes by creating their brands so that they don't wait for an endorsement deal to presents itself to start one.    


I help you stay ahead of the game by building your brand now so that you are be able to take it with you into the pros and long after you are done playing.

Professional Athletes:

The same goes for pro athletes.  I help pro athletes build their brands or improve existing ones so that they to go into deal with ownership. That way companies, league, or brands that sign you to a deal can't create a brand for you and claim ownership of it.  Instead I help you keep yours during and long after deal is over to continue to use and benefit long after your career is over.

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persona branding

Personal branding is the practice of creating a brand around a person rather than a business entity.  Have you ever heard this quote?  "Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you make others feel after having an experience with you become your trademark" by Jay Danzie.  

The only problem I find with the quote is that it’s up to others to interpret and define your brand for you based on their perception of you. With my personal branding services, I create your personal brand based on your own identity, personality, and skill sets that will not change based on others perception. By creating a brand with a logo, online and social media presence, combined with your services/expertise/experience you take control and power of who you are as a brand. 

I have created brands for pastors, coaches, speakers, trainers, artists, consultants, mentors, entrepreneurs, advisors, podcasters, doctors, and current/former athletes.  Are you next?

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